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St. Augustine's Newsletter

29 December 2013
Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph

THIS WEEK - Divine Office Psalter Week

Masses this week:

Date Day Time Intention

28th Saturday 6.30 pm Bridie McAndrew (Month’s Mind)
29th Sunday 10.30 am Dorothy & Nanya Oboite (Ints)
30th Monday 12.45 pm REQUIEM MASS: John Paul Kerrigan
31st Tuesday 7.30 pm Juanita Samuel
1st Wednesday 7.30 pm Mary, Mother of God Ints Leo & Irene Fernandes
2nd Thursday 9.00 am St. Basil the Great & St. Gregory Nazianzen, Bishops
Chrissie Johnson (Birthday Memories)
3rd Friday 9.00 am Holy Souls (Dead List)
4th Saturday10.00 am

Vigil Mass 6.30 pm St. Elizabeth Bridie Joyce/ Eileen Costello Ints. People of the Parish
5th Sunday 10.30 am Eileen Boardman (105th Birthday Congratulations)


For Daily Mass Readings click on the picture.
Differences occur when major feasts differ from U.S.A

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Monday to Saturday morning for half an hour before Mass
Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession): During Exposition or on request.
INTENTIONS: Lately Dead: Rose Daily, Pat Queenan (2), Charles Dixon, John Paul Kerrigan (2), John Sweeney, Benjamin Akhalu. Anniversaries: Margaret Lassche (2). Others: Bridie McAndrew (Month’s Mind, 2). Christmas Mass Bouquets: Margaret McCavera, Leo & Irene Fernandes, Bridie, Joyce & Eileen Costello, O’Donald Family, Kate, Tom, Michael & Anthony McAndrew, Mary Dempsey, Theresa Waldron & the late Joe, Margaret O’Reilly & the late Pat, Anne & John Torley, Maggie & Anne McNerney, Doreen & Tom O’Reilly, Maureen McCabe & Family.
Prayer List: John Taylor, Memory Malisita, Jacqueline Ward, Audrey Mizzi, Maggie McCavera, Dennis Rowe, Bill Clarke, Eileen Winn, Kyle Jones, Anne Cunningham, Theresa Waldron, Doreen O’Reilly, Richard Conway, Alicia Aravena Cabrera, Joseph & Mary Atkin, Gerald Griffin, Camalie St Ange. For healing in mind or body, exams, job interviews, family needs.

Visiting: Please let Father Jonathan know of anyone who needs a visit. He thanks those who have invited him round for a meal. It is always good to join a family around the table.

OFFERTORY: Saturday £200.65 Sunday £443.27 Total £643.92
Indian Community £50.00 Children’s Carol Service £93.14
Mission Boxes: £77.20 Thank you.
ATTENDANCE: Saturday: 140 Sunday: 275

Many thanks to you for your generosity this Christmas. To press I will have to declare £1,200 on my tax form. Thanks for the bottles and gifts too. A surprise coin in the collection was a penny dated from 1927. Either someone has opened their purse for the first time in a while or they simply wanted to raise a smile. Thanks again.

28th Dec Divine Mercy 8-9pm Our Lady’s Chapel
31st Dec Cross Over Night with Mass – Holy Rosary Church 10pm – 2.00am
01st Jan 7.30 pm Mass to Ring in the New Year

Welcome to New Parishioners: Saint Augustine’s benefits from the diversity of people who feel they belong here. Many parts of the world are represented. New faces are always welcome.

Tanzania & Peru Christmas Appeal: Winning Raffle Tickets: Congratulations!
Yellow 169 White/Grey 248 White/Green 98 Yellow 292 Yellow 147
White/ Green 203 Pink 108 White/Green 300 Pink 131 White/ Green 289
There are various prizes waiting for collection.

Feast of the Epiphany: Second Collection for our Mission Outreach.

Epiphany means Proclamation.
All People are to hear the word of the Lord and are accepted into God’s family.

No doubt some of you will feel spent up after Christmas.
Alternatively, you might start the New Year with a gift to help others make the most of their lives.
No one should feel under any obligation to donate to our projects in
Africa and Latin America next week.
Those who choose to can feel confident that their gift will go immediately to aid
People in Tanzania and Peru so that they can start the
New year as well as we can ourselves.

Mission Outreach Appeal Fayre: Sunday 23rd February.

St. Augustine’s Primary School Admissions: The school has to receive applications for admission to Reception next September by mid January. Start filling in the forms …

Cooperative Supermarket, Roundhay – if you shop at this store, please help our Monday Club obtain a grant by placing your tokens received at the till in the box provided. A co-op card is needed.

SVP Clothing Bank: Those who have received new clothes this Christmas could unclutter their wardrobes of last year’s fashion items .…
Church Heating: Despite recent slight improvements, the church will get chilly this winter. Prepare well for church and wrap up to keep toasty. Cushions welcome. At least our hearts can be on fire …
Saint Gemma’s: The hospice will convert your British & foreign stamps and currency into professional nursing care. We could all need it one day. See Fr. Jonathan or use the box at the back.
Leeds Church Institute: P/T Reception & Conference Administrator vacancy. Fr. Jonathan for details.

Please keep bringing in dry food for PAFRAS. Thanks again.

Happy Christmas.
Let us pray for God’s Blessing on the year ahead.
Happy New Year 2014

Have a great week!