Roman Catholic Church, Harehills Road, Leeds, LS8 5HR.


Sponsor a child in Primary School
It costs £40 per year for a child to attend the primary school. This includes copy books, pencils and school uniform.

Sponsor a child in Secondary school
It cost £80 per year for a student to attend the secondary and vocational training school. This includes copy books, pencils and school uniform.

Make a Donation
You can make a one off donation or arrange a monthly standing order towards the education of a child or towards the buiding costs and equipment for the schools.

St Thomas More Schools are non denominational and the standards are high. There is no corporal punishment and the students are given praise and encouragement. Consequently all the children enjoy attending, there is no truancy and some walk many miles each day to attend.
The school has electricity from a generater, and running water. Fr. Michael, a qualified architect, designed the buidings of the school with a system that enables all the rain that falls onto the school roofs during the rainy season to be collected and stored in undergroud tanks.

Many of the children are orphaned and need sponsorship to pay the fees.

Funding Needed to Equip and Finish Building
the New Secondary School and Vocational Training School.

September 2007
The Secondary School has now been open for nearly five years. Each year more classrooms were finished to accommodate the new intake of children who progressed from the primary school. All that is left to do in the Secondary School is to finish and equip one more classroom and a laboratory.

These photos were taken in July 2007. Fr Michael Joseph Kelly can be seen on the right inside the unfinished laboratory. On the far right is the unfinished classroom.

Vocational Training School

September 2007
During the last three years there has been little progress with the building of the Vocational Training part of the school due to lack of funding. A German charity which originally promised to pay for the project ran out of funds, so there are still eight classooms that remain unfinished.

The Photos below were taken in 2004

Click on a photo to see it enlarged.

Technical teaching block with the Administration block in the foreground
Administation block from the rear.
Workshops with the mechanical engineering workshop in the foreground
Inside the mechanical engineering workshop
Interior of the carpentry workshop
Laboratory & Library, awaiting roof
Classroom interior
Classrooms with dormitories and kitchen at rear
Rear of motor mechanics workshop with car ramp
Exterior of the Carpentry Workshop
Exterior of the domestic science classroom
Laboratory and Library wing